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Our products a combination of major brands and localy made lures. We have worked with suppliers to make versions of lures for everything from saltwater to fresh water. Products inclued a large range of lures, line ,hooks, floats and soft plastics to name a few. We are continually looking for new and differant Items to add to our store . In addition to carefully chosen designes and materials, our products are made from years of fishing experience and a belief in quality and loyalty to our customers.

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When you buy one of our products, you become part of a select group of anglers. Drop us a line to let us know how it works out for you. We love to hear the fish stories of our customers, and we are available to answer any questions you have about the best way to use our products.

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We are passionate angler's who love to get out and enjoy the wonderful recreational sport of fishing. With 25 years of experience with  selling lures we have gained knowledge from local and commercial anglers  as to what lures as well as the best tackle to use in certain fishing conditions.  As members of our local fishing clubs, we work hard to build communities that support water and enviromental health, fish, and the joy of angling. we also continue to promote and support local junior trout fishing with cheap lures and great fsj lures,trout bait,cheap rapala

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